Neferis is friendly enough to those he has accepted, but standoffish to those who he does not count as a comrade. Usually silent, the stoic fox-like human stands nearby, quietly observing everything with an intense gaze. His clothes, strapped tightly to him in certain places and left loose and billowing elsewhere, grant him mobility without fear of getting stuck. A red scarf is tied around his neck, and trails him as he moves, gracefully mirroring the wind and his tails' movements.

A soft fur, desert-sand in color with hints of orange and black elsewhere, gives him natural camouflage, and he looks as though he could blend into nearly any environment with ease.

Sharp teeth are visible as he speaks, and two long, bushy tails sweep back and forth in steady movements, giving away his mood if you know him well enough. He looks sleek and unassuming at first glance, but anyone of a keen eye would be wary to engage him in combat, especially with his shortsword secured in its scabbard adorning his shoulder, easily at hand.

Snuggled into his belt are a number of darts and daggers, all of which appear to be well maintained and oft used. As he walks, a well-polished wooden staff helps guide his steps, and a torn part of his red scarf is tied around the top.


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