Dysnomia Cer was born to two half elf parents who were low ranking members of a court. Her half elf father was tolerated by the lord and lady of the house but her mother shined as a leading lady. Dysnomia grew up in awe of her mother’s ability to become friends with the ladies of the court. Dys learned that her mother was not only making friends, but also was spying on the other ladies and reporting back to the head lady in court. Dysnomia began taking after her mother, gathering as much information as she could about the characters at court and reporting back to the lady of the house. Soon Dys became a skilled secrets gatherer in her own right and was sent around to other courts to report back through a network of tea shops, asking for earl grey tea and half an elvish biscuit at a network of tea shops, matching her light grey hair and ancestry.  Recently, the lady of the court has heard various rumors about Master Soleviss and Hellfire’s Watch. She deployed through a note to Dysnomia to gain information about the site. Dysnomia is enjoying her time in Hellfire’s Watch training with a crossbow and dagger. Dysnomia is especially pleased with the camp because it has allowed her to grow and test her sorcery powers, something she was unable to do within the confines of court. She has done her best to keep her sorcery powers secret from her camp mates but has displayed them to the higher ups behind closed doors. 


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