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Benny (aka Bruiser, aka Clodstomper, aka DB, aka... well you get the point) is an odd little gnome. For reasons that aren't entirely clear when you first meet him, he seems at times to be perversely risk averse, which is at odds with a perceived penchant for taking extreme risk once peril has manifested itself. When confronted about his behavior he just shrugs and says "Someone has to keep you all alive". While at first blush many would hold him up as the embodiment of why some people should not be adventurers, a look into his eyes reveals his true motivations. Despite his young age (not even 40 yet!), he is driven by a deep curiosity about the world around him and a desire to find his place within it.

While Benny attempts to portray himself as a stylish young gnome this is belied by a lack of awareness on how to keep and wear fine clothing. His garb is always wrinkled, the cut is almost never correct, and as often as not there is a small stain somewhere on his person. He most certainly doesn't know the salad fork from the dessert fork, nor does he know that there are different types of forks. His good nature and witty banter can usually get him out of any situation his uncouth nature may land him in.


Rouge/Mystic - 4/2

HP 34
AC 17
STR 11
DEX 18
CON 12
INT 18
WIS 12
CHA 12

Notable Equipment[]

Rapier of Warning +1

Amulet of Int +2

Studs of Stealth (Expertise in Stealth)

Studded Leather Armor (Gnome sized)

Parrying Dagger

Dark Grey/Black Exquisite Fencing Tunic, Cape and Trousers